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f***ing good talent

f***ing good talent is the first talent show to ever be set in the western suburbs of Milan and it is focused on the idea of creating new perceptions of the future through the stimulation of our capacity to socially cooperate.

At the end of the three episodes that took place in the public space of the Cenni di Cambiamento housing complex, the final prize was assigned to two teams who came joint first.

How many talents do you have?
Do you have an extraordinary mission just waiting to be accomplished?
Are you ready to put yourself to the test for your future?

These are the questions that opened our first castings to launch f***ing good talent, the first talent show set in the western suburb of Milan. This project rethinks the potentiality of o social cooperation.

Boys and girls from Quarto Cagnino, Baggio, Quinto Romano, San Siro, Giambellino and all the areas located on the outer edge of Milan’s suburbs. Dancers, singers, cooks, beauticians, ice-cream makers, masseurs/masseuses, designers, inventors, gamers, makers, computer engineers…

After the first selections, we decided to start with 12 people. The fist phase took place through the publication of a series of videos that illustrated the talent of each participant. IThen, the talents were divided into 3 teams.

Every team is followed by a tutor and they all will be offered the opportunity of attending a number of educational encounters conducted by experts reviewing important aspects such as cooperation, production and innovation…

The three episodes of the talent show were staged in the public space of Cenni di Cambiamento. A prize of 5000 € was given to two co-winner projects: QUCCI and Megafonina.