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the future was now!

This project accompanies the students of the Lombardo Radice elementary school located in Via Paravia 83 towards the society of tomorrow, a vision built with their own hands and minds, their hopes and ideals. Through a series of creative workshops led by artists and educators, the children of this multiethnic school will become true citizens and voters.

The students who attend the Radice Public Elementary Schoolhis school somehow embody the citizens of tomorrow. located in via Paravia 83, this school is identified as the “school with the highest number of non-EU students in Italy”; it is a small yet revealing representation of the country’s demographic mutation and of the progressive segregation of foreign citizens. While immigration is the clear phenomenon of a world that is crippled by an uneven economic development, interesting questions revolve around the values that new communities bring to Italy and the impact that these new citizens will have on the future of our country.

The project Il futuro era ora! will offer these students the possibility of entering a time machine set up to immediately catapult them into a future society, where they are the vital part of a constituent assembly. through a series of creative workshops, the children will be guided by artists and educators in the construction of their ideal society.

The exploration of a new identity and new social relations will encourage them in finding the definition of a more evolved reality and in identifying an original constitution. when the time travel experience comes to an end, the passengers land back into the present. for the children, this marks the beginning of a mission meant to spread what they consider to be the basis for a better lifestyle.