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we want the sea for all!

To raise awareness mare culturale urbano we launched a communication campaign on the sea and on the visual paradox desire to bring this element in a city like Milan .

In our eyes, imagining a city with a sea represented the right metaphor to evoke the construction of an urban culture centre in Milan’s zona 7: we wanted to give Milan something that it didn’t have. So the sea became a symbolic space in which we could explain our project through play, involving others and developing new imageries.

It is indeed through communication that we want to establish a dialogue between what we are and what we will be and this confrontation cannot take place without those who we’ve wanted to involve in the project since the very beginning.

So we asked ourselves in what way can a citizens’ committee launch a campaign able to bring the sea to Milan, what instruments should we use, what words, images and actions could possibly aid us in the realization of this dream. And how can we engage as many people as possible willing to support our idea? We searched and used words able to create a link between our subjective dimension and the public dimension of communication, a relation that offers us a strangely vital unstable balance.

Launching an ongoing ever-changing project is both an amazing and complex experience.

But we still believe that the story behind the construction of an idea and the process it endures to come true is actually the most interesting part of the whole!

Please note that maremilano will never give up its dream and and mission of spreading the sea.