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zona sette mon amour

The “zona sette mon amour, urban activation manual” is the result of a research led all over an extended area of Milan.

It is the result of a cooperation between researchers, citizens and associations. Mauz 7 is an active and ongoing inquiry into the housing, economic and social characteristics of this area, it is meant to be an operational tool for local cultural activation.

As an integral part of City on the Move, the “zona sette mon amour, manuale di attivazione urbana” consists in a documentation of an “active research” led throughout an extended area of Milan. It is the result of a collective work involving researchers, citizens and associations. This investigation revolves around the social, economical and housing characteristics of one of the city’s largest residential areas that, given the failure of an organic reorganization of the vast working-class districts, has become a sort of big experimental lab for several urban planning practices that have transformed this area into a breeding ground for controversial social dynamics and marginalization.

Managed by Cohabitation Strategies and Landscape Choreography, the manual was conceived as a sort of operative tool for cultural activation, mainly meant to highlight the challenges and potential developments of Zona 7. With a focus on the concept of inhabiting, “zona sette mon amour, manuale di attivazione urbana” will be offered to the invited artists-in-residence of mare and to the citizens as an instrument that stimulates dialogue and new possibilities for the collective imagination.